It’s hard to be heard above the noise and get ahead of your competition. By making these 3 easy changes you’ll increase sales, create fans and most importantly you’ll stop losing out to the competition.

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Successful Companies Tell Great Stories.

Businesses are spending too much money on marketing. With our proven framework, we simplify the process saving you time and money – resulting in increased sales and business growth. 

It’s hard, especially in the digital world, to be heard above the noise and get ahead of your competition.  We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses just like you who were spending too much money on marketing for little or no return. We use our proven Brand Story Telling Framework to simplify the process to create a clear brand message that results in loyal customers and a happier, committed staff.  Importantly, it also means you have more time to spend with family and friends and you’re better able to give back to your community.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

1. Meet with Us

We discover your story by listening and talking to you about the challenges you face in your business marketing, especially in the digital world.

2. Create an Action Plan

Our approach is customer focused. Clear up confusion in your marketing and develop a compelling brand story that engages your customers.

3. Implement the Plan & Watch Your Business Grow.

We work together to implement a strong, clear message so that your business grows and thrives.

Our Services


We design and create websites using our Brand Story Telling framework to create websites that have a compelling story, powerful images and clear calls to action that engage your customers and invite them into your story.

Social Media Strategy

Having a compelling story is essential to creating a social media marketing that will engage customers and increase sales. Using using our Brand Story Telling framework we ensure that your social media cuts through the noise and grows your business.

Website & Social Media Analysis

Using our Brand Story Telling framework we look at your current digital communications and help you clear up any confusing messaging and help you rise above the noise in the digital world.


All marketing material, including brochures, sales letters and blogs.

Email Campaigns

Using the StoryBrand Framework will build nurturing email campaigns that are guaranteed to get results.

Agency Liaison

Working with your chosen agency, we ensure that marketing materials are on message and on budget.

We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met and success is achieved.

  • Working with Janice and Robin is fun and fruitful! When Janice took me through the brand story telling process, things began to reveal themselves. And then Robin took the Story we created and translated it into clear and concise messaging on my website. Voila! From the very beginning. They listened to me, heard me when I talked about the difficulties I was having, they knew what to do, came up with an action plan, and we got to work. I loved it because I didn't have to figure it out. I just had to answer the questions and they knew what to do with the answers. It's easier to talk about my business and mission in terms that actually feel comfortable.

    Ruth Urau Leadership Development
  • I turned to Janice when it was time to take my business, marketing and web presence to next level. The work Janice does on Story Branding was fresh, impactful, clean and powerful. Janice has a wonderful ability to sit with you and develop the story of your own business, offering and value proposition, then take that message and incorporate it with all elements of you marketing and brand. This approach is critical for any business that wants to succeed today. Contact Janice, you will not be disappointed.

    Neil Thornton
    Neil Thornton The Thornton Group
  • I wanted to use social media in my campaign because I knew it was one of the best ways to reach voters. Janice and Robin were part of my core campaign team. They ran a creative and innovative social media campaign that made the difference in me being elected Mayor.

    Mayor Walter Sendzik
    Walter Sendzik, Mayor City of St.Catharines
  • The Grape Growers of Ontario contracted Janice and Robin to assist our staff with training for online social media-Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. The training was fun, and immediately effective to connect consumers with the Grower’s story. I highly recommend this firm to assist with all digital communications.

    Debbie Zimmerman CEO Ontario Grape Growers
    Debbie Zimmerman, CEO, Grape Growers of Ontario
RobinJanice and Robin