Digital Literacy – Turn Staff Into Brand Ambassadors and Watch Your Sales Jump

You’ve committed time and budget for digital marketing.  You’ve got a great story. Your online branding is innovative and slick.  Your customer service is top notch.  Now help your employees become some your best brand ambassadors.  It’s not hard to damage your image and sometimes this happens because an employee simply doesn’t understand your online branding.  It can happen because of an ill-advised post on a personal social account.

This workshop will help your employees feel comfortable and empowered to share your message online.

In this workshop we will look at:

  • Creating a code of conduct
  • How to convey your story to your employees
  • Developing a brand ambassador program
  • Choosing social media channels
  • Establishing a listening program
  • Learning how to develop your own voice

This workshop is for C-suite, sales and marketing departments, entrepreneurs and not-for-profits who are using social media but would like to increase their social media team, empower your employees and increase your reach and engagement with customers.

RobinTurning Staff Into Storytellers and Watch Your Sales Jump