Digital Communications Management

Why Digital Communications Reputation Management?
Are mistakes from your past following you around on the web? Does negative online content portray the wrong image about you as a person or your business? In today’s digital age, reputations can be shattered by negative content published online. This leads to embarrassment, loss of income and hurts the image you have worked hard to build.

How do you want the world to view you when they type in your name?

onlinerep-largeUsing a variety of techniques, Janice and Robin will dilute and push down negative content about you to ensure you’re creating the best online first impression.

What does Online Reputation Management include?

Bury Negative Results
Whether we agree with it or not, the reality is that what is said about us online affects how we are viewed by our colleagues, peers and clients. Now more than ever, business and personal relationships are being impacted because of negative content found online.

Crisis Management
If your personal and professional search engine results are in desperate need of repair, Janice and Robin, offers emergency assistance in reversing the negative impacts to your image quickly and effectively.

Media Monitoring
We track mentions of your name across social media channels and websites. We send you a report of these mentions each week. With this approach, Janice and Robin are able to address negative criticism as it happens ‐ which provides peace of mind in knowing that you’re not allowing negative content to linger unaddressed and damage people’s opinion about you.

Promote Positive Results
Often times, a negative perception of a person can be built simply due to a lack of positive information being created and distributed. Janice and Robin creates and promotes positive content in order to build a solid foundation highlighting your personal attributes and achievements.

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