Digital Communications Audit

The data sitting in your digital communications accounts is a rich source of valuable information, if you know how to interpret and use it. 

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran of digital communications , we dig deep into your analytics for insights on how we can help you improve your online brand. By taking an inventory of your digital communications accounts (even the ones you’ve forgotten about), reviewing your community’s activity, identifying your competitors’ tactics and discovering what your audience is saying about your company, we lay the foundation for a strategy based on sound data.

audit-largeDuring an audit, we review:

Completion, accuracy and consistency

Having complete, accurate profiles that are consistent with your brand’s identity is a must. We note whether your images, text and custom options are optimized for best performance.


Metrics like your follower and fan numbers, post frequency and engagement from influencers tell us whether your current tactics are helping you achieve your desired outcomes, and what can be improved. We review them and explain the results in plain language. This lays the groundwork for a purposeful, focused social media strategy.

Your competitors and their social presence

By taking inventory of your most influential competitors and the social media tactics, branding and engagement that work for them, we’ll find ideas to apply in your strategy.

RobinDigital Communications Audit